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Stories of postwar transformation on Nicaragua’s Emerald Coast.

As the dust settled after a decade of war and Nicaragua faced the daunting challenge of rebuilding, surfers sought out the world’s best waves.  By chance they stumbled upon the remote beaches of Nicaragua’s Emerald Coast, discovering a previously unknown surfing paradise.  The daredevils of travel, surfers withstand anything for the thrill of a good wave.

Learn how their tenacity and networking created new value and industry for Nicaragua’s sleepy coasts – paving the way for tourism development and eco-communities.

In 2021, at the height of the pandemic, Tamara Stenn purchased a small surf house in Nicaragua.  She has been studying and experiencing the remarkable development of the region ever since. Share in her firsthand stories of Nicaraguan fishermen, restaurateurs, caretakers, and surfers, and the expats amongst them who have changed the face of Nicaragua’s remote costs. 

After the presentation, join us in an interactive panel discussion with Dr. Jason Old and Dr. Lindsay Usher, surfers and academics, who have been surfing and studying Nicaragua development as well.

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Tamara Stenn

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