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Windham World Affairs Council encourages learning and action on global issues that impact us all.

Windham World Affairs Council connects people with global expertise and knowledge to Windham County to inform, educate, foster community and dialogue, and encourage civic participation.


Sa•lonnoun:  A conversational gathering of intellectuals, artists, and politicians.

Upcoming Events

Sept 27th 2023 – 6:30pm
Annual Galbraith Lecture

Join us at  Centre Congregational Church (Main Hall) 193 Main St.  Brattleboro, VT “Is the American Century Over?” Ambassador...

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Recent News

Galbraith to reflect on role of the U.S. in a fast-changing world

Galbraith to reflect on role of the U.S. in a fast-changing world  The former diplomat takes up the concept of the American century at...

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Our new Salon format is a success!

On February 1st, twenty five community members gathered for a dynamic discussion on the current attacks against democracy and what we can...

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Windham World Affairs Council Turns 60!

The Windham World Affairs Council has been exploring international issues locally for over 60 years. Here’s an article in the Brattleboro...

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WWAC began working with Nobel Peace Laureate and WWAC Member Jody Williams when we presented her Zoom talk in 2020.

We created a Peace Jam Task Force composed of Carla Lineback, Amanda Thurber, Lissa Weinmann, Kerstin Roos, Kenny Pepper on behalf of The Commons Media Mentoring Project and Lauren Coffano of PeaceJam international and are building a PeaceJam Community Support Group to help initiate an ongoing club and programming at Brattleboro Union High School students starting September 2022.

“Human security requires directing our resources toward providing for the basic needs of human beings so they are secure in their daily lives. For too long, security has een defined in terms of the security of the state, not of individuals. We call it national defense. The US spends more on its military and weapons systems than all of the other nations of the world combined. The billions and billions of our tax dollars that go to weapons systems and other aspects of ‘defense’ is money that will never be spent on our public schools, or on an affordable health care system that gives everyone access to health care, or on creating jobs with dignity. Money for war will never be used to fight poverty and other social ills that tear apart the socioeconomic fabric of a country and often are fundamental causes of armed conflict. We have to change that kind of thinking.”
Jody Williams
in her book
“My Name is Jody Williams: A Vermont Girl’s Winding Path to the Nobel Peace Prize”

The World Affairs Councils of America is an independent, nonpartisan organization dedicated to engaging the public and leading global voices to better understand the world, America’s international role, and the policy choices that impact our daily lives and our future.

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