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Ambassador Peter Galbraith & Meg Mott launched WWAC’s new multi-year initiative:  “America 250: Examining America’s Identity and Leadership in a Changing World”  

Working in partnership with Brooks Memorial Library, Vermont’s statewide commission and other groups, WWAC aims to stimulate a public dialogue reflecting on who we are as Americans and who we seek to be as part of the statewide and national 250 ‘semiquincentennial’ anniversary of the US in 2026.  

Ambassador Galbraith’s lecture  encapsulated the trajectory of US power over the past several decades. American power was unparalleled at the end of the 20th Century; Democracy and its economy looked secure with record budget surpluses on track to eliminate the entire national debt by 2009. Russia, China, the EU and other world powers seemed generally inclined to accept American leadership in support of a more cooperative world order.  

How different the world looks in 2023. The lecture tracked the reasons for the United States’ relative and absolute decline in power and leadership. 

For coverage of the event, read this   Brattleboro Reformer article.

A community raffle showcased the finest small businesses of Brattleboro. We hope to repay their generosity by encouraging all of our members to shop local.  WWAC is greatly indebted to the staff and members of the Centre Congregational Church for their invaluable help bringing you this event.

Thank you Maria Dominguez!  Maria recorded the event which will be posted soon on this site.



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